Main lecturers


  • Substructures of finite projective spaces, a.o. spreads and (hyper)ovals, constructions from group actions.
  • Blocking sets and linear sets, semifields,  and MRD codes.
  • Cameron-Liebler line classes.
  • Subspace codes.
  • Eigenvalue techniques and their applications to graph theory.


The registration fee will be €160. This includes participation, printed lecture notes, lunch at the VUB restaurant, coffee breaks and the conference dinner. The registration for this summerschool is now closed.


The school will start on Monday June 17th around 9.00h and end on Friday June 21st afternoon, not later than 17.00h. The registration desk will be opened on Sunday June 16th in the afternoon. We expect participants to arrive and register on Sunday. The proximity of Brussels airport (30 minutes by direct train from the train station near the campus) makes an evening flight on Friday June 21st possible.

There will be 4 hours of lecture given by each of the main speakers, complementary exercise sessions will be scheduled as well as problem sessions and, if time permits, some GAP sessions. There will also be a limited amount of slots available for contributed talks of 15-20 minutes by participants.

The schedule can be found here.

List of participants

The list of participants can be found by following this hyperlink. It is password protected as a scamming-prevention measure. If you wish to view the list and do not have the password, you can request it by sending an e-mail at


Getting there

By plane: the airport of Brussels Zaventem is very close nearby and has a direct train connection (30 minutes) to the railway station of Etterbeek.

By train: Etterbeek station is a five minute walk from the campus. Consult the offficial NMBS website for train schedules and information about tickets.

By metro/tram/bus:  for metro, the closest station is Pétillon, which is about 8 minutes walk from the campus. The metro ride from downtown Brussels to Pétilllon is about 15 minutes. The metro runs from 5 am until almost 1 am. For tram or bus, there are several stops around the campus. Consult the official MIVB website for all information. Metro line 5 is connecting the center of Brussels with Pétillon, bus line 95 is connecting Etterbeek station with the center of Brussels.


Each participant is requested to arrange his/her own accommodation. One possibility is to book a room on campus in the U-residence. This residence is conveniently located on campus and has a limited number of rooms. However, there are plenty of possibilities to book a room downtown Brussels at a reasonable price.


If you didn't receive an email after a couple of minutes send an email to
For more information you can always contact one of the organizers by sending an email to