About the Belgian Mathematical Society:

The Belgian Mathematical Society's mission is to assemble all Belgian Mathematicians and defend their interests. Foreign members are also welcome. We comment on news items concerning mathematics and give advice to decision makers in Belgium.

The Belgian Mathematical Society is an institutional member of the European Mathematical Society.

How to become a member?!

If you want to become a member, just fill in the form after reading the information regarding the annual membershipfees and reciproty agreements, which can be found here.

Staff and organisation of the Belgian Mathematical Society:

  • President: Philippe Cara (VUB) (pcara @
  • Vice-President: Yvik Swan (ULg) (yvik.swan @
  • Treasurer: Guy van Steen (U.A.)
  • Secretary: Peter De Maesschalck (UHasselt) (bms @

Further members of the board of the BMS:

  • Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace (UCL)
  • Stef Caenepeel (VUB) (editor in chief of the Bulletin)
  • Andreas Weiermann (UGent)
  • Karel Dekimpe (KUL-Kortrijk)
  • Camille Debiève (UCL) (Managing Editor of the Bulletin)
  • Jean Van Schaftingen (UCL)
  • Pascal Lambrechts (UCL) (Book Review Editor)
  • Joost Vercruysse (ULB) 
  • Denis Bonheure (ULB)
  • Karl Grosse-Erdmann (UMons)
  • Christian Michaux (UMons)
  • Renaud Lambiotte (FUNDP)
  • Leo Storme (UGent)
  • Adhemar Bultheel (KUL) 
  • Stefaan Vaes (KUL)
  • Yvik Swan (ULg)
  • Jasson Vindas (UGent) 

Maintained by Timmy Fieremans and Philippe Cara. Published on  October 17th, 2018