Algebras, Geometries, and Groups

A conference in memory of Jacques Tits (1930 - 2021). 

When: Tuesday 20th December and Wednesday 21th December 2022 

Where: Académie Royale de Belgique (Rooms Albert II and Salle de marbre) Rue Ducale 1, 1000 Bruxelles 

Programme: A tentative programme is available here (updates will arrive soon, along with abstracts)

Registration: Registration is now closed. List of participants. If you still wish to register, please send an email to yvik(dot)swan(at)ulb(dot)be).

Confirmed Speakers: 

  • Jean-Pierre BOURGUIGNON (IHES): Reminiscences about Science and Jacques Tits
  • Michel BRION (Grenoble): Primitive homogeneous varieties 
  • Michel BROUE (Paris): About Complex Reflection Groups
  • Bernhard MÜHLHERR (Gießen): Buildings and Root Gradings
  • Guy ROUSSEAU (Nancy): Twin masures for Kac-Moody groups over Laurent polynomial rings 
  • Katrin TENT (Münster): Sharply 2-transitive groups and the Burnside problem
  • Donna TESTERMAN (Lausanne): Overgroups of regular unipotent elements, finite and algebraic 
  • Jean-Pierre TIGNOL (Louvain-La-Neuve): Quadratic forms in characteristic 2 and trialitarian triples
  • Richard WEISS (Tufts): Tits Polygons

Sadly, Anne PARREAU's talk had to be cancelled. 

Organisers: Pierre-Emmanuel CAPRACE (UCLouvain), Ann DOOMS (VUB), Fabien DURAND (UPJV, SMF), Simone GUTT (ULB), Alain VALETTE (UNeuchatel, SMS), Hendrik VAN MALDEGHEM (UGent), Joost VERCRUYSSE (ULB, BMS). 

With the administrative support of the Belgian Mathematical Society via Céline ESSER (ULiège) and Yvik SWAN (ULB). 


  • Académie Royale de Belgique
  • FWO Scientific Research Network "Coding Theory and Cryptography"
  • FNRS 
  • UCLouvain, UGent, ULB, VUB
  • BMS and SMF