Prizes & Sponsoring

Godeaux lecture

The BMS "Godeaux lecture prize" is named in honor of prolific Belgian mathematician Lucien Godeaux. The prize is awarded every year, upon proposal from a BMS board member, to a prominent belgian or international mathematician who is invited to give a talk at a conference in Belgium. 

These lectures honoring the memory of Lucien Godeaux are organized with the assets of the Belgian Center for Mathematical Studies which were transferred to the BMS after the dissolution of this Center. Lucien Godeaux (1887-1975) was one of the world's most prolific mathematicians (with more than 700 papers published) and took many initiatives to encourage young mathematicians to communicate their research. He was the founder of the Belgian Center for Mathematical Studies in 1949. The Godeaux lecture is aimed at a broad audience with interest in mathematics.

Previous recipients of the prize are : 

  • 2018, Davy Paindaveine (ULB)
  • 2016, Jean Van Schaftingen (UCL) during the 2016 Brussels Summer School of Mathematics (see 
  • 2019, John Guaschi (Université de Caen Normandie, France) during the first day of the conference “Nielsen Theory and Related Topics” (see
  • 2022, Tim Gowers (Collège de France, University of Cambridge) during the BMS PhD day (see here)

BMS Young scholar award

Starting in 2021, the BMS awards this prize to an outstanding early-career mathematician working in a Belgian university. The rules of the prize are available here


One of the aims of the BMS is to support mathematical initiatives which do not have access to traditional funding. Below is a list of initiatives which have received funding throughout the years. If you wish the BMS board to review your initiative for possible funding, please contact a BMS board member of your choosing (see About page for contact information).