Recent breakthroughs in Mathematics and General Assembly 2021


The Belgian Mathematical Society is happy to invite you to its "Recent breakthroughs and GA" symposium  which will take place online on Wednesday 15/12/2021 from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Aside from the yearly general assembly of the BMS, the event will as usual consist in an afternoon's discussion by international experts on some of the more breathtaking breakthroughs in contemporary mathematics.

In light of the current sanitary situation, we have been obliged to migrate to a fully online version of the event. All information (including connection codes) will be disclosed in due course to registered participants. 

This year the talks will focus on topics which were recently awarded prestigious prizes (particularly the Abel prize and the Shaw prize). All talks will be accessible to large audiences of mathematicians.  

On this occasion, the BMS will also award its first "Young Scholar Award", about which more information is available on the dedicated website.

Participation is free but registration is mandatory, see below.

Poster of the event.


13h30-14h10 BMS General Assembly (members only)

14h20-14h30: Welcome address by Yvik Swan (president of the BMS)
14h30-15h20: Shaw prize laureate Jean-Michel BISMUT (Orsay) 
          Chair: Joel Fine (ULB) 
          Title: TBA 
          Summary: TBA 
15h30-16h20: Abel prize laureate Avi WIGDERSON (Princeton) 
          Chair: Samuel Fiorini (ULB) 
          Title: TBA 
          Summary: TBA 
16h30-17h20: Professor Imre BARANY (Alfréd Rényi Mathematical Institute)
          Chair: Leo Storme (UGent) 
          Title: TBA 
          Summary: TBA 


Registration is compulsory, and will be possible until Friday December 10.