Young Scholar Day 2023

The first Young Scholar Day will take place at the U-residence on the VUB campus on 20 December 2023.

Preliminary schedule:

  • 9h00- 9h30 welcome and coffee
  • 9h30- 10h30 Godeaux lecture by Sophie Grivaux
  • 10h30- 11h00 coffee break
  • 11h00- 12h15 parallel sessions 1a-b-c
  • 12h15- 14h00 Lunch break
  • 12h15-12h45 Board meeting, decision on YSA ‘23
  • 13h30-14h00 BMS General Assembly – Announcement of YSA winner
  • 14h00- 15h15 parallel sessions 2a-b-c
  • 15h15- 15h45 coffee break
  • 15h45- 17h00 parallel session 3a-b-c
  • 17h00- 18h00 Drink

Information about registration will follow soon on this page.