Main lecturers


  • Code Based Cryptography
  • Quantum information; quantum walks, state transfer
  • Graph theory; eigenvalues of graphs, linear algebra and graph theory, matrix algebras of graphs, cospectral vertices, distance regular graphs, generalized quadrangles
  • Tensors; Semifields; Segre and Veronese varieties; Rank metric codes
  • Substructures in finite geometries

There will be be 4 hours of lecture and 2 complementary sessions of exercise given by each of the main speakers. Participants will have the opportunity to give a contributed talk.


The collected volume of lecture notes is available here.
All slides of the contributed talks have been collected and are available online at the Participants section, by clicking on the title of the respective talk.

List of participants

  1. Sam Adriaensen
  2. Kristina Ago (Finite Hilbert's incidence geometry & friends)
  3. Gianira Alfarano
  4. Nour Alnajjarine (A contribution towards the classification of partially symmetric tensors in Fq3⊗ S2 Fq3, q even)
  5. Marthe Ballon
  6. Sara Ban (Construction of self-orthogonal Z2k-codes)
  7. Andrea Benso
  8. Chiara Castello (Sidon spaces and Cyclic subspace codes)
  9. Jozefien D'haeseleer
  10. Jan De Beule
  11. Leen Demuys
  12. Jean Doyen (Orbits on points and lines in finite and infinite linear spaces)
  13. Nicola Durante
  14. Carlo Emerencia
  15. Jakob F├╝hrer (Maximal line-free sets in Fpn)
  16. Alexander Gavrilyuk
  17. Giovanni Giuseppe Grimaldi (Construction of m-ovoids of Q+(7,q) with q odd)
  18. Krystal Guo
  19. Somi Gupta (On the equivalence issue of a class of 2-dimensional linear maximum rank metric codes)
  20. Anna-Lena Horlemann
  21. Felicitas Hörmann (Decoding Interleaved Linearized Reed--Solomon Codes)
  22. Vincent Horst
  23. Ferdinand Ihringer (The twisted D5,5(q) graph)
  24. Cian Jameson (Flag-transitive linear spaces and spreads in PG(5,q))
  25. Antonina Khramova
  26. Michel Lavrauw
  27. Nando Leijenhorst
  28. Giovanni Longobardi (Non-linear MRD codes from cones over exterior sets)
  29. Andreas Lorrain
  30. Wannes Malfait
  31. Jonathan Mannaert
  32. Sam Mattheus
  33. Alessandro Neri
  34. Marc Newman
  35. Silvia Pagani (Unveil the ghosts)
  36. Adrien Pasquereau
  37. Valentina Pepe
  38. István Porupsánszki (Extremal edge-girth-regular graphs)
  39. Anmoal Porwal (Introduction to Modern Cryptography})
  40. Hugo Sauerbier Couvée (Projective Metrics)
  41. Michael Schaller
  42. Willem Schoysman
  43. Martin Scotti
  44. John Sheekey
  45. Robin Simoens
  46. Valentino Smaldore (Polar Geometry and (Belgian) Friends)
  47. Leo Storme
  48. Beatrice Toesca
  49. Brando Vagenende
  50. Nils Van de Berg
  51. Draženka Višnjić (The distance function on Coxeter like graphs)
  52. Violetta Weger (Introduction to code-based signatures)
  53. Jim Wittebol
  54. Semin Yoo (Combinatorics of Euclidean spaces over finite fields)
  55. Sjanne Zeijlemaker
  56. Matea Zubović (Directed regular graphs from groups)
  57. Ferdinando Zullo

Confrence photo

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  • Sam Adriaensen (VUB)
  • Jan De Beule (VUB)
  • Leen Demuys (VUB)
  • Jonathan Mannaert (VUB)
  • Sam Mattheus (UCSD and VUB)